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Parish Library



The Saint Mark Parish Library provides our parishioners of all ages a lending library of over 2000 books, videos, DVDs, audio, and musical CDs on a variety of theological and spiritual topics. We encourage all parish members to come in, browse and borrow material.

The library is located in Room 114, just inside the rear entrance across from the Religious Formation office and is is generally open during normal office hours. Because the library is sometimes used for group meetings, before making a special trip to use the library please call the Parish Office at 757-479-1010 to see if the room is available. If the library door is locked, please see a parish staff member for entry.

The library is “self-serve” and materials are checked in and out electronically using a barcode scanner. Directions for borrowing books or other materials are posted in the library near the scanner. During check-out the system will indicate the expected return date. If you want to keep the item(s) longer, please stop back on or before the due date to renew. We do not charge fines, and we depend on borrowers to remember to return their items in a timely manner so that others may borrow them. When returning materials please be sure to scan them and check them in and place them on the counter so that a staff member can place them back on the shelf. If you have any questions or problems checking an item in or out, please see a staff member in the Religious Formation office.

Donations – We love to get donations and they help keep the library current! If you have any religious books (audio or print), DVDs or CDs that are in good condition that you would like to donate to the library, please see a staff member in the Religious Formation office. We will review the donations to decide which materials we can use in our collection. Any donated items that we cannot use will be donated to another source.