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A Reflection From
Fr. Eric Baffour Asamoah

For June 23rd, 2024


In the weeks ahead, the Church’s liturgy will have us journeying with Jesus and His disciples, reliving their experience of His words and deeds, coming to know and believe in Him as they did.

The Gospel offers evidence of Jesus' power and authority as Jesus calms the storm. The disciples see before them a human being who acts with the authority and power of God. The disciples' uncertainty about Jesus' identity is a recurring theme in Mark's Gospel. In their fear today, they call Him, “Teacher.” And it is only faith in His teaching that can save us from perishing.

Notice that today’s Psalm almost provides an outline for the Gospel. We sing of sailors caught in a storm; in their desperation, they call to the Lord and He rescues them.
Mark’s Gospel also intends us to hear a strong echo of the story of the prophet Jonah. He, too, was found asleep on a boat when a life-threatening storm broke out that caused his fellow travelers to pray for deliverance, and then to marvel when the storm abated (see Jonah 1:3–16).

This Gospel is a metaphor for our lives. We are in the boat, the storms of life are raging around us, and like the disciples, we may believe that Jesus is unconcerned, or “sleeping.” If we feel that Jesus is sleeping, are we comfortable enough to wake Jesus and present him with our needs? We should trust in Christ, and trust like Christ, who was able to sleep through the storm, confident that God was with Him (see Psalm 116:6; Romans 8:31).

Christ is always with us, asleep in our deepest selves. So, like the disciples, all we need to do is cry out to Him, and He will give us courage, hope and save us.