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Sunday Reflection

For Sunday March 19, 2023 



Here we are and it is the 4th Sunday! I welcome you, yet again, I hope Lent is going well for you. In today's Gospel reading we hear the story of the man born blind and the excitement that came with his being able to see after Jesus had his eyes opened. This is what happened: Jesus saw a man born blind on the road and he stopped and his disciples asked, "Who sinned, was it he or his parents?" It was common that if one had a deficiency, it was because this person had sinned! And it is not any different even today that if there is a tragedy anywhere in the world, it is punishment for the evils committed. Jesus came to change the narrative and such mindsets of the people. Jesus knew what he would do. He said to the man born blind, "Arise!" He continued to say, "This man is standing here so that  once and for all,  I will tell you how God loves." For the blind man it is a moment of enlightenment from the darkness of death into the bright light of new life. Jesus takes him out of his sorrow and pain and thereafter fills his heart with the joy to see and proclaim the glory of God. He lifts him up so that he walks freely with no limitations and he sees himself fully human. And this is the big lesson that Jesus is trying to teach his disciples and all those who care to listen that God does not come to punish. God comes to heal and save! Lent is the see!