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Sunday Reflection
From Father Eric

For September 24th, 2023



Today’s first reading calls us to seek the Lord while He is near and to forsake our wicked ways. It reminds us that God’s thoughts and ways transcend our own, just as the heavens are higher than the earth. This passage invites humility and a recognition of our limited perspective before the divine wisdom.

In the background of today’s Gospel lies Jesus’ parable of salvation history. The parable illustrates the Lord’s generosity, where both the Israelites and Gentiles are offered the same blessings, emphasizing God’s ways are beyond human comprehension.

The gospel presents the idea of showing generosity and grace even when it’s unexpected. It also illustrates God’s unfathomable generosity, where all workers, regardless of when they arrive, receive the same reward. This theme underlines the value of extending kindness to others without a fixed set of conditions.

Isaiah’s message of God’s transcendent thoughts finds its echo here. Just as the landowner’s ways surpassed the laborers’ expectations, God’s mercy exceeds our understanding. Both passages invite us to release our rigid notions of fairness and instead embrace God’s vast, compassionate perspective.

The Lord gives us a new world, a new kind of living, a new value system, not based on fair or unfair, rather it is based on His unconditional love.